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Tanning Training & Certification by SunFocus

Tanning Training and Certification by SunFocus

New LookWe are excited to have launched a newly revamped online training site with a modern look and mobile device friendly format.

All of our course have finished moving to

Our site now goes to our new format. All of our courses are available there.

If you have questions email us at or call 919-561-1705

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Practical online Tanning Training developed by salon owners is why students praise our courses for being clear, easy to understand and informative.

See sample student comments from just a few of the over 50,000 owners and staff that have gained skills and knowledge from our courses since 1994.

Tanning Operator Certification is just $40.
Spray Tanning Certification is just $25.
How to Start Your Own Business is just $25.
Red Light Therapy Training is just $25.
Product Sales Training just $15.

Payment accepted by credit card or paypal account.

Train with SunFocusCourse descriptions can be seen below, click on the course you want there or choose from "Courses" on the menu bar above to sign up.

SunFocus Certification is the only Tanning Certification backed by the exclusive Certification for Life guarantee.

The only Certification Program that provides every student with access to FAQ's, a Glossary, and the Ask SunFocus ™ Q&A / Discussion Forum - Help and support that's available when and how you need it.

SunFocus provides more state / province specific, tanning certification courses than all other salon certification vendors combined. That means training that applies to your situation.

When your certification "course" is used to sell you products and equipment how can you be sure the information is accurate and complete? SunFocus is the only independent certification provider; "Vendor Neutral" and free of sponsor's ads.

Experience for yourself that SunFocus is the smart tanning training choice; get your training from an experienced tanning provider, not from a magazine company's "Institute" or "Network".

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Available Courses

  • See a Free Preview of Certification Training here.Skin Types

    Click on the Guest icon to the left under the course name. Login as guest and you will have access.

    This preview presents a limited part of the material presented in the full course.

    This course covers all aspects of the Tanning Operator Job including: skin and the tanning process, skin typing, eye protection, new client and salon procedures, equipment and regulations.

  • Spray CertificationSee a Free Preview of Custom Spray Tanning Training here.

    Click on the Guest icon to the left under the course name. Login as guest and you will have access.

    This preview presents a limited part of the material presented in the full course.

    Spray Tanning is a fundamental offering for tanning businesses. It is used by people who already tan indoors and also attracts a new client base that chooses not to use UV based tanning.

    Well trained Spray Technicians are key to providing the high quality applications that customers of this personal service require and expect.

    This video course teaches how to deliver consistently high quality HVLP spray tan applications and includes body contouring techniques.

    The material includes a module on things to do and consider in starting your own spray tanning business. That discussion serves a preparation for a full business startup course.

  • See a Free Preview of Red Light and Light Therapy Training.

    Red Light Therapy continues to increase in popularity in full service salons and spas, fitness clubs and gyms, as well as indoor tanning salons.

    Now there is a alternative for Red Light Therapy Training. Before the advent of our Red Light course the only options were for full esthetician curriculum courses requiring hundreds of hours of classroom time and many hundreds of dollars.

    This course covers the delivery of Red Light therapy services.Red Light Therapy Bed

    Blue light, full spectrum light, InfraRed and other light therapies are also reviewed.

    Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and other therapies generally requiring an esthetician or medical credential / license are beyond the scope of this course; they will be overviewed, but are not intended to be covered in detail.

    You should expect to spend about 2 hours in the course material.
    Enrollments in this course expire in 30 days.
  • Soaring SalesSee a Free Preview of Product Sales Training here.

    Click on the Guest icon to the left under the course name. Login as guest and you will have access.

    This preview presents a limited part of the material presented in the full course.

    Industry leaders tell us that 30% or more of a tanning salon's revenue should come from product sales.That goal can be achieved!

    The key to getting your sales to that level is training your staff of Customer Service Representatives in sales skills and knowledge about the products. This video course is designed to Jumpstart Employee Sales. It covers the Key Four Steps of Sales so you can Present the Products and their Benefits, Overcome Objections and Close the Sale.

    Also covered is how to understand tanning product ingredients and what you need to understand to communicate their benefit to the customer.

  • See a Free Preview of How to Start Your Own Business here.

    Click on the Guest icon to the left under the course name. Login as guest and you will have access.

    This preview presents a limited part of the material presented in the full course.

    Great; You are thinking of starting your own business. Starting My Business

    This course will prepare you for the steps involved to get set up and into operation.

    The course covers the following topics:
    • Upfront Planning and Preparation.
    • How to Form Your Business Legally.
    • How to Organize Your Business Operationally.
    • How to Market Your Business.

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If you need to get a replacement for a certificate earned in any of our courses - email your name, the course you took, the approximate time frame when you took the course and a contact telephone number. We will check our records and email you a replacement copy.

Unlike others we keep our certification records for over 20 years, others keep records for only 5 years or less, after that they want you to pay to be certified again. We provide replacement certificates for no charge, others charge $45. Just two more reasons why SunFocus certification is the smart tanning training choice.

Help and Support / Contact
If you have questions about our course offerings feel free to email us at or check out our Q and A Discussion Forum; Tanning business related questions are also always welcome.

More information is also available at
Skip Additional FDA label requirement

Additional FDA label requirement

On June 2, 2014, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) reclassified tanning booths and beds as Class II medical devices. This has the most impact on tanning equipment manufacturers but businesses offering tanning services have a new labeling requirement to meet.

Effective August 26st 2015 all tanning equipment must have a label saying "Attention: This sunlamp product should not be used on persons under the age of 18 years" The wording on the label must be at least 10 millimeters high. The label must be clearly visible to the user prior to they activate the equipment.

If the equipment manufacturer does not provide your tanning business with labels for your equipment it becomes your responsibility to procure and attach the required labels

A copy of the 21 CFR 878.4635 may be viewed here.

A sample of labels from one equipment manufacturer may be viewed here.
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